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Lemongrass Eucalyptus Review

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Lemon | Eucalyptus Spray

Great product! I wore my flats to a humid location where my feet was not used to the excess moisture. It created an unpleasant smell from not being able to properly dry.

I saw Lumi Natural Shoe deodorizer spray and it had great reviews and decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. I love that it's natural and has oils to rid the odor and bacteria. After spraying for a few days, I noticed that my feet no longer smells after wearing my shoes!! The smell of the spray is strong but also pleasant.

I haven't used it anywhere else but if needed, I would definitely use it to spray my gym bag and workout gears.

Awesome product! Wish I bought it sooner.


Citrus | Tea Tree Spray

This stuff is awesome! My son's sneakers get really stinky even when I used Stink Stoppers, Odor Eaters and similar sprays. Those only mask the odor for a little while but then they end up smelling like a combination of sweaty feet and baby powder. This stuff just kills/prevents odor from developing. I have to wear orthotics and those can get not-so-fresh as well. I use the spray on my orthotics and in my shoes. I've also just sprayed my feet before putting on socks and that works just as well.

Kathleen H.

Lemongrass Shoe Powder

I took a chance on this because I didn’t think anything would help with foot odor in my shoes. Well, this is well worth the money because for the first time in my life I can actually come home from work and take off my shoes without having to clean my feet. It’s truly amazing. I have been waiting for my feet to build up a tolerance and go back to the way they have always been but after 6 months of using this powder across a wide range of shoes, mostly without socks, my feet are still fresh at the end of the day.

Harriet Moore