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Q:  How often should I spray my shoes?

A:  We recommend spraying as needed.  Some of our customers spray ever day and some spray once a week.


Q:  When should I spray my shoes?

A:  Spray your shoes in the evening after you're done wearing them.  This will allow time for our spray to dry and air out.


Q:  When should I use your foot powder?

A:  Use the foot powder in the morning before you put your shoes on.  This will help to prevent moisture which will prevent odor.


Q:  How long will a bottle of shoe spray last?

A:  Each bottle contains 700+ sprays.  If you spray a pair of shoes everyday with 2 sprays, the bottle will last about 6 months.


Q:  Do your products contain any chemicals?

A:  Our sprays are made with natural ingredients including essential oils and witch hazel.  We also use a natural preservative that is accepted by ECOCERT as a preservative in certified organic cosmetics.


Q:  Where are your products made?

A:  All of our products are made in the United States.  We are located outside of Salt Lake City Utah.


Q:  Are your products tested on animals?

A:  No



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