6 Foul Facts About Shoe Odor - How to Get Rid of it Forever

6 Foul Facts About Shoe Odor - How to Get Rid of it Forever

Shoe odor is no joke. In fact, it’s as real as it gets and is often times the “elephant” in the room- or should we say the skunk? 😊 It may appear to many, that as we get older, our shoe odor simultaneously ages with us.. and not in the same way fine wine does. Shoe odor can very well be the bane of our existence in very activity filled lives. As the saying goes, smell remembers- and we can guarantee you don't want shoe odor to be the memory someone has of you. Anyway! Here are six absolutely foul facts about shoe odor that will have you turning up your nose and some tips and tricks on how to get rid of it forever.


Fact 1 : If you don’t wash your feet, they will stink. 

This may seem like a ‘duh’ to some people, but let’s not underestimate this fact. Admit it, we all know someone that doesn’t wash their legs in the shower much less their feet. And what happens when you don’t wash any part of your body? The build-up of sweat and dirt will ultimately lead to shoe odor. If you’re one of the people we've just described it’s okay, we’re truly not trying to shame you. What we will do is advise you to wash your feet thoroughly whenever you take a shower. Splashing them with water alone isn’t enough. Grab your sponge or washcloth and scrub your feet with soap. Let’s not neglect our feet while in the shower, they matter too!


Fact 2: The wetter the foot, the fouler the smell.


Yes, it’s true. Try to think of it this way.. ever smelled that wet dog smell? Why is it that your cute little furry doggo, once wet, smells like a.. not so cute little furry doggo? While the two cases aren’t exactly the same, the same concept can be applied to our feet, and ultimately, our shoe odor. Wet feet can be caused by many things; maybe you didn’t dry your feet properly when you came out of the shower or maybe specific hormonal changes have caused your feet to be sweating more than the usual. Well, you may not know this but- humidity/ moisture carries odor. This is because humidity will cling to molecules in the surrounding air and trap them right where they are. Apply this to a pair of sneakers? That scent is going nowhere. Our advice to you would be try to keep your feet dry most, if not all the time to prevent this from happening. You can try changing your socks multiple times daily if you’ve realized your feet sweat a lot or ensure your feet are thoroughly dried before putting your shoes on.


Fact 3: Our feet produce approximately half a pint of sweat daily.


You heard us correctly. The bottoms of our feet have the most sweat glands on our bodies so it’s no surprise that our feet produce lots of sweat and are likely to smell. Fret not, though our feet can and will produce sweat, there is a way to combat this. Powder! Adding powder to your shoes and socks is useful as not only will it counteract sweat but, it will also keep your shoes and feet fresh.

Boom. Foot and shoe powder. Our natural, shoe and foot odor eliminating powder will help keep your feet dry and odor free. Don't believe us? Check out this Amazon review!

Convinced yet? You should be. 


Fact 4 : Hyperhidrosis may very well be the culprit.


Now we’ve already established that the wetter your feet are, then the more likely they are to stink. However, did you know that there is a condition known as Hyperhidrosis, whereby a person, not because of ordinary sweat, but excessive amounts of sweat, can sweat so much on their feet that no amount of drying will help keep their shoe odor at bay? Combining this condition with the fact that your feet have the most sweat glands per square inch on your body?  In an extreme case like this, you may need to seek medical attention to find a solution that works for you.


Fact 5: Wearing the same shoes/ socks will increase the likelihood of shoe odor. 


In the same way wearing the same underwear multiple days in a row is definitely not a good idea, wearing the same socks and shoes daily isn’t either. For starters, you would normally wash your underwear after wearing them to have them clean and fresh for the next wear right? Socks are no different. Also, your shoes need time to breathe. What we mean by this is that as moisture and subsequently odor, can get trapped in your shoes, your shoes need space (if only for a day) in order to ventilate. If you’re someone who doesn’t have lots of shoes or simply isn’t crazy about them, try alternating between two to three pairs weekly.  


Fact 6: The material your shoes and socks are made of, matter.


Certain materials such as plastic or nylon can trap moisture in your shoes and socks. What you want are materials that will absorb moisture instead. To help prevent shoe odor, opt for materials such as cotton and leather that will absorb the moisture your feet produce.

When all is said and done, if you truly want to eliminate foot odor but don't actually want to do too much, we have some recommendations that will make a big difference.


Exhibit A, our Orange Clove Essential Oil Room Freshener. First of all, who doesn't love that citrusy scent of oranges? Not to mention that the ingredient 'limonene' which is found in oranges acts as a rapid vaporizer and diffuses through rooms quickly. You can spray this around your home, in whichever rooms shoes are kept and simply allow it to do its job. This product can even double as an everyday air freshener if desired. 



Exhibit B- Our Lavender Tea Tree Essential Oil Odor Eliminator- This product will have you breathing in, then taking a huge sigh of relief. Did you also know that the aroma therapeutic element of Lavender helps to reduce anxiety and stress and promotes calmness? Spray this around your home and revel in that natural, lovely scent. This does a fantastic job of eradicating shoe odor, and if this won't fight the funk, we don't know what will! 

Lest we forget to add, all our products are made from natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly. Did someone say win win? 


We hope you learned something new from these 6 foul facts about shoe odor. Don't forget to check out our product suggestions and let us know what you think.

Foul shoes? More like fresh shoes. 😉

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