Kick Those Bad Boys Off - 5 Cheap Ways to Eliminate Shoe Odor

Kick Those Bad Boys Off - 5 Cheap Ways to Eliminate Shoe Odor

Picture this... you’ve just come home after a long day at work, you might have been going hard at the gym or out doing errands all day. You’ve barely made it through the front door when bam! You've got company. Now, even though you don’t mind the company, you’re exhausted and would love nothing more than to take your shoes off and kick your feet up but let’s face it- you’d rather endure the aching feet because it would truly be a disservice for anyone, and we mean anyone, to smell those shoes.

Before you read any further- calm down, we’ve all been there and we’re here to help you, not judge (#safespace).

That being said, this is no way to live your life. Life is short! You shouldn’t have to spend it hiding your sore feet just because your shoes smell.


Why do your shoes stink so much anyway?


No, it’s not because you were singlehandedly selected from the masses at birth and cursed with feet so funky they can burn nose hairs off- though it would be pretty hilarious if you were.

We digress.

There is an actual scientific explanation for this issue.

The cause of shoe odor can be narrowed down a pain called sweat 

As we’re constantly on our feet, it’s only natural that they produce sweat, and create a warm moist stinky situation.

Since there’s no logical way to completely stop your feet from sweating in your shoes, what do you do? You try to control it.

But how??


Controlling sweat; Five ways to eliminate shoe odor:


  1. Stop wearing incredibly tight shoes - Look, we know you like those new shoes/kicks, and we honestly hate to break it to you, but tight shoes may very well be a part of the reason you can’t escape your stinky shoe odor. We’ve already established your feet are gonna sweat regardless, but what happens when you wear anything too tight? Ding ding ding, you sweat even more! So do yourself (and the nostrils around you) a favor and find some shoes that are a bit more breathable.


  1. Change. Those. Socks - Before you get all defensive, we get it. You didn’t sweat that much in them on Monday, didn’t do too much walking on Tuesday, only ran a quick errand on Wednesday. So they should be fine for Thursday right?? Wrong! Listen bud, those seemingly “fine” socks are lying to you. All they’re doing is soaking up all that sweat and as soon as you take your shoes off? Oh, they’ll be on their worst behavior. Try to take as much precaution as possible and just change your socks daily.


  1. Exfoliation, a saving grace - Seriously speaking, the amount of dead skin that can build up over time on our feet is off-putting enough. If we don’t aggressively (literally) stick to an exfoliation routine, things can get pretty gross. Dead skin is like that teenager that you leave unattended for a weekend and it burns the house down. Whether you want to use a peeling mask or a foot file it’s completely up to you. Keep a watchful eye. Exfoliate!


Yeah yeah yeah, but what products will help me??


You’re exasperated. You’ve ditched the tight shoes, you’ve stopped the triple sock wearing, and have been exfoliating like nobody’s business. But someway, somehow, your feet still smell. Maybe it’s that you don’t want to be bothered with any of those methods and want something that requires the least effort possible. Whatever it is, dont despair, we’ve got you covered!


  1. Powerful Lemongrass Shoe Powder: Remember when we said there’s no logical way to stop your feet from sweating completely? This product comes pretty close.


You may or may not be scratching your head at this one but this could be the answer you’ve been searching for all these years. If you’re wondering just what a shoe powder is, it’s as simple as the name suggests- a powder for those smelly boots.  Not to mention its lovely scent. Not only do we use essential oils when formulating our products, but we use zero parabens, phthalates, aerosols, or formaldehyde. That’s because while we care about making your shoes smell great, we also care about your health.


You can add as much of this powder as desired to the inside of your shoes to tackle that foul scent head-on. Use as little or as sparingly as desired. Either way, this Lemongrass shoe powder is guaranteed to have your shoes smelling awesome.




  1. Try our Peppermint Vanilla Room Spray- You might have heard of a little thing known as diffusion. Picture this, you took your shoes off in the living room but your partner is smelling them from the kitchen. Sound familiar? How about you try the reverse with something that has a pleasant smell?


Have you ever come home from a spa and hours later were still breathing in that glorious “spa smell”? This ingredient may just be the reason. Not only is the peppermint aroma typically used in spas because of its alluring scent, but for it's odor eliminating properties. Our Peppermint Vanilla room spray will not only scare that pesky odor from your shoes but have both your home and shoes smelling awesome!


So there you have it! Five easy ways to eliminate and keep shoe odor at bay. If you do try any of these suggestions, let us know the ones that work for you and don’t forget to check out our other shoe odor eliminating products and pieces if you need a bit more convincing.


Go forth, and kick those shoes off confidently!

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