How to Clean Smelly Shoes: 3 Easy Steps

How to Clean Smelly Shoes: 3 Easy Steps

Smelly shoes are the worse! It doesn’t matter if it’s your own shoes or someone else’s, stinky shoes just plain stink. Everyone has heard of the tales from grandparents of how to get rid of the smell: vinegar, baking soda, soap, put rosemary in the shoe, put the shoe over a fan, let them sit outside, on and on! The recommendations range from the plausible to the ridiculous. But at Lumi Outdoors we get it. Shoe stench is natural. It occurs overtime and everyone’s shoes pick up a smell. Anyone who says their shoes don’t stink is lying to you! Lies we say!

So, from Our Family to Yours, here’s something a little better than those old school tales.

Which Products We Recommend

Firstly, get the right product. The smell in a shoe comes from warm and moist shoes: bleh. That smell then remains in the shoe after it is dry. This is why many of the recommendations involve cleaning the shoe to get the odor out. Sort of like cleaning a stained shirt. However, the wrong product can either make the smell worse or it can harm the shoe itself. Neither of which is good.

We recommend the Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray & Oder Eliminators. There are several lovely scents to choose from but for that extra stink, we recommend our best selling: Extra Strength Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Shoe Deodorizer.

natural shoe deodorizer spray

Our products:

All of our products are made without using nasty chemicals. Instead, we use essential oils and other natural ingredients to effectively eliminate odors.


  • Has over 10,000 5 Star Ratings
  • A 4.4 Star Rating on Amazon
  • Is Our Best-Selling Product

Now for the 3 Easy Steps!

We have now arrived at the moment you’ve been waiting for. How to remove a smell from shoes instantly. Once you select one of several Lumi Outdoor products:

Shake your chosen Lumi Spray Bottle.
Spray the scented mist inside the shoe. Most will spray deep into the shoe, then towards the heel, and possibly other spots depending on the shoe.
Let it Sit:
Let the spray sit to have enough time to eliminate the odor.

That it! 3 easy steps to not just cover up the smell but to eliminate it. Now, the next question is how often to repeat. The nice thing about the spray is that it’s repeat as needed. After a long run? Spray. Trekking on a vacation? Spray. Noticing an odor after rain? Spray.

Before You Go: A Little Bit About Us

Now that you have a bit more knowledge of our product, we would like to tell you a bit more about us. Afterall, a trusted quality product is only as good as a trusted quality company.

We are a small family-owned company with passion for our products. As such, we decided to make our products all natural: putting in what we would want out of it. We didn’t want a product made with chemicals or a product that has been tested on animals. Why would we want that? So, we took matters into our own hands and changed the shoe deodorizing products. Not only did we change the way our products are made but we also made it a point to value our customers.

Our customers are part of our family: and that’s the truth. If there is ever any issue with out products, we take the time to correct it. That attention to detail and quality of service is something that we hope every customer of our experiences. No matter where you come to find our product, you are now part of our Lumi Outdoor family, and we would like to take care of you.

Lastly, Where to Purchase

 Stinky shoes wait for no one! So where should you purchase our products? The best places to find all of our various products is either on our website or on our Amazon Store. If you're going to just buy one spray, Amazon will be the cheapest option.  If you're planning on buying 2-3, our website will be the best deal for you. :) 

While You’re Here!

While you visit to locate our highly valued shoe deodorizers, we’d like to also mention that we have a few other products. In fact, if sprays aren’t your thing, we have more traditional deodorizing powders. Many prefer this method for removing shoe odor. It echoes back to the days of putting baking soda or baby powder in the shoe. The only difference is that our is free from various chemicals and it actually works!

Some people are very sensitive to smells. We understand this. So, if Eucalyptus and Lemon is a bit strong for you, we have several other lovely scents to choose from. These scents range from Citrus and Tea Tree to Lavender and Tea Tree Deodorizing Spray. Each spray has its own set of highly recommended reviews. Yet, only certain products are considered Extra Strength. We recommend double checking your shoe odor needs before purchase to ensure you have the right product for you. Yet, no matter the choice, every single product is made with our high-quality ingredients and has been given our quality time.

Now, Off to Eliminate Shoe Odor

As we said in the beginning, no one likes a smelly shoe. Whether you are a runner, an adventurous child, a hiker, or simply in your shoes for long hours every day, shoes build up a smell. It’s a natural effect but it does have a solution. Not those crazy remedies of the past that could potentially damage the shoes! Or even make it worse. No, you now have a remedy that is the best of both worlds. All natural but it works. We have thousands of reviews from happy customers that can attest to our products. They provide odor relief for a wide variety of smells. Be it extra strength or a need for a light dispelling of odor, our product will provide the smelly relief you need.


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