Does your husband have stinky feet?

Does your husband have stinky feet?

Why do his socks and shoes smell like death?


Sorry it's not just because he's a guy.  The answer here is moisture.  When your shoes become moist, it creates a wet stinky situation.


How can you stop it?

There's 2 main things that need to happen. 

1. You need to eliminate any existing odor in your shoes. 

2. You need to keep your feet dry to prevent odor from forming again.

The following steps are what has worked the best for us, and for thousands of customers.

1. Wash your shoes

Put your shoes in the washing machine with detergent and run on a gentle cycle.  Then let them air dry in an open area (preferably outside if the weather is good).

Not all shoes can be washed, so make sure it's okay for your shoes before doing this.  

2. Stop wearing synthetic socks!

The purpose of your socks isn't just to look cool.  Make sure to get your boyfriend a few pairs of thick absorbent socks. Stay away from tech-fit, polyester, and nylon. 100% cotton works the best. 

3. Use an extra strength natural odor eliminator

This shoe spray is extra strength and seriously packs a punch.  If you're dealing with strong odors, getting this spray is a must!

Our shoe spray works very well as a natural safe way to eliminate shoe odor.  Our product has over 10,000  5-star ratings on

4. Cycle between shoes!

If you can, don't wear the same shoes everyday.  Give them a day or two to breath and air out.  This works especially well if after wearing your shoes you spray them with Lumi Outdoors Extra Strength deodorizer.  Then leave your shoes outside to air out. 

5. Use an all natural shoe powder for sweat & odor prevention

Our shoe powder combines the best natural powders and clay to prevent sweaty feet.  Put this on in the morning and enjoy sweat free feet all day!

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