Doctor Shoes Smelling Bad? Here are Five Quick Hacks to Fix the Footwear Funk FOR GOOD!

Doctor Shoes Smelling Bad? Here are Five Quick Hacks to Fix the Footwear Funk FOR GOOD!

I have a couple of friends who are looking at working in the medical field right now, and the first thing that anybody will notice about them is how crazy-busy their schedules are. I mean for real! These are the kinds of human beings who wring every darn single moment from every darn single day and fill up their schedule with studying, working hard, and generally just being really awesome human beings who are looking to help other people.

So don’t get me wrong, there are totally plenty of other professions and people who are, in their own ways, also really quite noble themselves; of course, it’s not like being good for humanity is solely doctors’ prerogative. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that there are indeed many professional medical folks who certainly put the work in for humanity.

Day in and day out doctors work in some of the most trying settings known to just about anybody. I salute and applaud all of my friends who are trying to shoot their shot with the medical industry, but dang, it looks like a trying profession.

I can only imagine what it takes for a doctor to not only put in all of the effort to first become a doctor, but then on top of that, they’ve got to specialize in whichever branch of their profession that they’ve chosen. Ok, and like after all of that, there’s even more practice and understudying until the doctor-wannabe finally gets to the position they’ve been working all of those long and difficult years for.

Then the work itself is certainly difficult in of itself! The daily schedule of a doctor is one of the most strenuous out there– a full mental and physical workout, without any kind of doubt!

And that’s why stinky doctor shoes can be a real pungent problem. All of the sweat from the long days can really put the funk in any kind of footwear, but don’t you worry, because any of the following options ought to be able to help ya’ to easily deodorize those smelly doctor shoes really quickly and also successfully!

Table of Contents

    1. Quick Stinky Shoe Fix with Corn Starch

    2. Black Tea is Rad for Rank Shoes

    3. Coffee Can Totally Take on Funky Footwear

    4. Actual Charcoal Magic

    5. Lose the Shoe Stank with LUMI’s Lavender Tea Tree Natural Shoe Deodorizer

    1. Corn Starch 

    Keep up with the stank with corn starch!


    To get this whole list of easy doctor shoe deodorization hacks started we’re going to be chit-chatting about corn starch. It’s that one ingredient hanging out in the back of the kitchen cupboard or pantry that we somehow end up using for a literally mind-boggling array of culinary projects.

    I mean, corn starch is totally a great ingredient for not only thickening stews and puddings, but also for being a really rather terrific coating for some good ol’ fashioned fried chicken, given as how once fried the corn starch makes the chicken *just* that much more satisfyingly crunchy.

    But beyond all of its uses for making one’s food extra amazing and fabulous, corn starch is also extra great at deodorizing extra stinky shoes. You see, it all works because it turns out that it is NOT your very own two feet that are producing the renowned rank emanating up from your stinky shoes. 

    It’s actually bacteria that live in said stinky shoes. It’s nothing to be worried about, given as that basically every single human being ever also has had the same stinky bacteria on their feet, BUT we can do something to stop all of that bacteria from really smelling up our poor pungent peds.

    You see, all of that bacteria hangs out in our shoes and on our feet because their primary sources of food just so happen to be the dead skin cells that naturally slough off of one’s feet and also the moisture from the sweat also found in abundance in most shoes.

    Still, corn starch can totally help to deodorize your stinky doctor shoes, all because of how it’s one of the best natural absorbers of moisture out there. For real, corn starch can draw in all of that excess moisture that’s normally just left hanging out in your shoes, waiting for the bacteria to chow down on it and proceed to make your poor funky footwear smell worse than ancient, radioactive blue cheese that’s been microwaved.

    So in order to make your doctor shoes smell better ASAP all you have to do is simply dust in a couple of tablespoons of corn starch (or, if you’re worried about a difficult cleanup, then you can absolutely just put the same amount of corn starch in a sock and then tie it off with a rubber band or something like that), and then you’ll allow the corn starch to hang out in your funky footwear for at least overnight, although you can and totally should feel free to leave the corn starch in there even longer so that it can properly work its shoe deodorizing magic. The longer the corn starch hangs out in your stinky doctor shoes, the more moisture it can absorb before you shake everything out and go on to live your best life as a no-longer malodorous medical practitioner.  

    2.  Black Tea

    Beat the bad smells thanks to black tea!!


    Onward to numero dos for our list of easy ways to quickly deodorize doctor shoes for all y’all! Now, black tea may or may not seem like a basic ol’ warm beverage to some of you, but trust me when I say that there’s just a wee bit more to this toasty drink than likely any of us give it credit for.

    You see black tea, beyond being something to warm ya’ up, also has these tiny lil’ things called tannins in it. Tannins and bacteria don’t precisely get along now, meaning that if we’ve got tannins then we can go on to lose some of the footwear funk being caused by stinky bacteria.

    Like I know that plenty of folk will tell ya’ that orange or apple juice is where it’s all at in the mornings, but black tea gets to double in as a super easy way to deodorize stinky doctor shoes, so there’s that. For real, you could easily have a wee lil’ cup of your tea and then go on to fix those stinky shoes for good this time!

    You can totally easily fix smelly doctor shoes in almost no time at all and with literally hardly any effort on your part (especially if you already happen to have some black tea in the pantry or kitchen). Simply boil a few bags of the black tea (wait for it to cool just a lil’ bit) and then stick them all right on into your stinky shoes. Let everything sit for just about an hour, then afterward you’ll remove the black tea bags, and then you ought to dab away any excess moisture that’s been left behind.

    This last step is actually like super, extraordinarily, really, really quite important for all y’all to pay double attention to (make that TRIPLE, ya’ hear me?). Remember how we were blathering on about how moisture is like basically the stinky bacteria’s fave food of all time? Yeah, so essentially we just want to make absolutely certain, and I mean utterly POSITIVE that all of the moisture has had a good, solid chance to dry out from your stinky shoes before ya’ get to call it a day, got it? If you squeeze your feet into still squelchy shoes, they’ll be even stinkier before you know it!

    3. Coffee

    Coffee keeps you smelling fabulous, ma' dear yet rather rank reader


    The third strategy on our list of easy doctor shoe deodorization tips and tricks for ya’ is plain ol’ coffee. Yes, yes I am well aware that we just got done going over another toasty beverage just one option ago, but for those of you who aren't drinkers of tea (which is totally fine), perhaps you do have coffee somewhere already hanging out in the kitchen or pantry. A cuppa saved is a cuppa earned, as one might say.

    Coffee, it turns out, has caffeine– this, I am *quite certain* is a blatant surprise to all of you. What you may not actually know, however, is that caffeine contains nitrogen, and nitrogen has this fun wee lil’ ability called “adsorption.”

    I know, I know– you think that I’m talking about “ABsorption” but “ADsorption” is just a lil’ bit different, if you’d like to know. “Adsorption” is simply a description of a pretty rad thing where liquid and gas (ie. the sweat and the foot funk hanging out in your rank doctor shoes) are able to adhere to the coffee grounds in a wee thin film. After the adsorption, you can just go on and chuck the coffee grounds right on into the bin, and BOOM you’ll be your stinky shoes’ stench salvation.

    If you’d like to learn how to use coffee to deodorize sweaty doctor shoes, ya’ simply have to get yourself some dry coffee grounds (just a few tablespoons ought to be fine) and then carefully spread them out to cover the insides of the stinky shoes in question.

    If you’d like to opt in for an easier cleanup (totes understandable) then you can absolutely get a sock, fill it with the same amount of dry coffee grounds, and then stuff that stuffed sock right on into the stinky shoe.

    Regardless of which method you want to go for, dried coffee grounds can easily destankify stinky doctor shoes; I’d recommend if you really want to deodorize your shoes for good that you make sure to leave the dried coffee ground inside of your smelly shoes for at least overnight, although longer will certainly pack a more pungent punch and aid in fixing your funky footwear for good!

    4. Charcoal

    Charcoal is actually pretty terrific, if you weren't already a massive fan


    Charcoal is the next stinky doctor shoe deodorization tip for you, my dear reader who is somehow still rad while being rather rank. Alright so charcoal, if you aren’t already well aware, is basically just really well-toasted carbon. Indeed, we’re talking all about all kinds of carbon– ya’ see, charcoal totally isn’t just the stuff that’s left at the bottom of a grill after a solid cookout. 

    BBQ remains aside, charcoal can be (and is typically) made up of superheated coconut husks, bamboo, and whatnot– literally all kinds of things– then once superheated, this extra crisp carbon develops these kinds of holes (or pores, if you will) that can go on to absorb odors– odors like all of the stank from your shoes that have been terrorizing you and everybody else with a functioning schnozz within a ten-mile radius.

    So this is how to deodorize stinky doctor shoes with charcoal– find the fabulous lil’ deodorizer first off, duh (many stores and local grocers now sell charcoal in  supes convenient tiny lil’ capsules that you just have to crack open in order to use). You can then either pour in a couple of tablespoons of the charcoal straight on into your smelly shoes OR if you’re worried about having an easy doctor shoe deodorization hack that for sure will be easy to clean up, then you can totally just put the same amount of charcoal into an envelope or perhaps even a sock that you’ve just tied off.

    Keep the charcoal inside of the pungent peds for at least overnight, but the longer the better, and the more likely the chance that the footwear funk will be gone for good.

    5. LUMI’s Lavender Tea Tree Natural Shoe Deodorizer


    LUMI’s Lavender Tea Tree Natural Shoe Deodorizer is what we’ll be wrapping up our list of easy doctor shoe deodorization hacks with. It’s a really spectacular and all-natural shoe spray that not only is supes easy to use, but is also totally effective for fixing stinky shoes for good!

    It’s ok if you think that all of that’s complete and utter baloney and that I’m a rotten liar– I mean, if I am, then so are the over 800 people on Amazon who gave LUMI’s Lavender Tea Tree Natural Shoe Deodorizer a completely perfect 5-star review, averaging out to a solid 4.4-star rating overall.

    Amazon reviewer Adam H. here says that he sprays it in his office at work, much to the pleasant surprise of his co-workers who claim that it smells like a literal spa now— the only downside Adam brings up is that LUMI doesn’t come in bigger sizes!


    A lil' louder for all the fine folk in the back!


    Do you want to know what’s also pretty cool about LUMI’s Lavender Tea Tree Natural Shoe Deodorizer? It can absolutely be used to deodorize a gazillion more things than just stinky shoes! For real– ya’ got a crazy-smelling kitchen sink? Just give it a spritz of LUMI! A rank shoe closet that just can’t seem to properly air out? Oh yeah, LUMI can for sure help ya’ out there too.

    But if you’d just like to learn how to easily deodorize stinky doctor shoes, then it def couldn’t be any easier with LUMI. Simply get the smelly doctor shoes in question, a bottle of LUMI’s Lavender Tea Tree Natural Shoe Deodorizer, and then give the insides of your funky footwear a good spritz or two.

    That’s all ya’ got to do! For real! For once, being a doctor can be easy.

    But I think perhaps it might be a good idea if we just summarize everything real quick. I mean, I know that I for one have the short-term memory of half a guinea pig, and certainly need a wee lil’ roundup of all the easy doctor shoe deodorization tips and tricks that we’ve been chatting on about.

    Corn starch is the first doctor shoe deodorizing hack we have for all y’all, as it uses its extra fabulous ability to absorb any and all kinds of moisture to sop up any spare sweat. Said sweat would have helped to stink up your shoes even more, you see, because the bad-smelling bacteria we’ve mentioned a few times now just LOVES to chow down on the moisture in your sweat and also the dead skin cells hanging out in our smelly shoes. Dry shoes are shoes that will smell great, as it were. So in order to use corn starch to fix your stinky doctor shoes for good simply dust the insides of your pungent peds with a couple of tablespoons of corn starch– or, if you’d like to opt in for a lil’ bit of an easier cleanup, you can always just put the same amount of corn starch into a sock and then tie off said sock before stuffing it inside your funky footwear. Either way, the corn starch will easily deodorize your stinky doctor shoes after you’ve made sure to leave said corn starch inside of your shoes for at least overnight, but if you can go for longer then all the better for you and your poor nose hairs.

    Black tea is our next option for our list of supes effective stinky shoe deodorizing strategies, and it works because of how it contains tannins– tannins, you see, aren’t exactly besties with the bacteria which tends to go about causing the stank emanating up from your poor shoes. Now, all of this means that we are HUGE freakin’ fans of tannins– like give us ALL of the tannins please and thank you most kindly. So fix stinky doctor shoes for good with black tea– simply go on and boil a couple of tea bags and then put ‘em into your funky footwear. Leave everything to hang out for literally just about an hour or so, and then after removing the tea bags make sure (and I mean like REALLY EXTRA TRIPLY SURE) that your shoes dry out completely, because if you try on the shoes and they’re still a touch moist, then the stinky bacteria is basically opened to a whole new all-you-can-eat buffet (not for the win)! 

    Coffee is third up on our list of super quick doctor shoe deodorization hacks, and yes I darn well know that it’s yet another item that people can just drink BUT trust me when I say that coffee can totally double as a terrific and easy-to-use deodorizer for your pungent doctor shoes. Coffee has caffeine, you see, which in turn has nitrogen. Nitrogen, then, has this nifty lil’ trick up its proverbial sleeve known simply as “adsorption” (NOT “absorption”— they’re very different things, ma’ dear, yet stinky reader). “Adsorption” is where gas and moisture (i.e. the shoe stank and any leftover sweat) stick to the dry coffee grounds in a thin sort of film, and then you can totally just chuck the coffee and keep the (now stank-free) shoes. All you have to do is get a couple of tablespoons of dry coffee grounds (or put the same amount into a sock and then tie it off) and put it all into your smelly shoes. Leave overnight, although longer is sure to put a better dent in the dank odors presently chillin’ in your funky footwear.

    Charcoal is fourth for our super fabulous hacks for all of y’all and it is absolutely one of the best freakin’ natural shoe deodorization hacks in the book. You literally just need a couple of charcoal tablets (conveniently able to be purchased at many a store and a whole lot of local grocers these days) and then you can either merely dust in a couple of tablespoon’s worth of charcoal straight on into the stinky doctor shoes that you’d like to go about deodorizing. Alternatively, you could totes put the same amount of charcoal into a small envelope or even a tied-off sock would for sure work fine, I feel. Regardless of how you’d like to go about handling the charcoal, you should for sure leave it inside your smelly doctor shoes overnight, but I’d recommend letting it work its stinky shoe deodorization magic for just a bit longer if you’ve got the time to spare for your funky footwear, that is.

    And then after all of that is this easy hack for deodorizing stinky doctor shoes for all y’all: meet LUMI’s Lavender Tea Tree Natural Shoe Deodorizer, also known as one of the most rad rank odor eliminators to be found. It’s a simple, all-natural shoe spray that works to make your shoes smell literally better than ever after just a spritz or two right on into your smelly footwear.

    And there you have it, my fine-smelling folk (because you’ve now used or will be using one of the aforementioned freakin’ fabulous tricks for easy stinky shoe hacks). Fixing those smelly doctor shoes of yours will absolutely be a literal breeze so that you can go on doing what you do best– without having to worry about having stinky doctor shoes ever again.

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