Five Easy Tricks for Deodorizing Fur-Lined Boots

Five Easy Tricks for Deodorizing Fur-Lined Boots

Sing with me now, y’all!  We’ve got them apple-bottom jeans (jeans)! Boots with the fur (with the fur)! The whole club was lookin' at her!

Seriously, but ok, do any of all y’all feel like the moment that the calendar hits Halloween basically every darn single pair of shoes at literally any of the local department stores somehow magically turns into a fabulous set of winter boots?

Like, oh you thought that you wanted a set of plain old sneakers? WRONG! You need to be an epically fashionable snow GODDESS! Are there any spare pairs of sandals in the back, perchance? Oh, you poor, poor(-ly dressed) mad lad.

For real, is there even anything for sale that, quite simply, is NOT fur-lined?! Oh… you THOUGHT! You thought and you were apparently misinformed, exactly, about what season we’re in, ma’ dear reader!

Because it’s winter, baby! Time for icicles, hot apple cider, and freezing morning jogs because ya’ can’t stop and SHALL NOT stop when it comes to your fabulous New Year’s Resolutions (Right? Right!?). 

Essentially, it’s official– fur-lined boots are the thing to wear, but here’s the thing about them: even though the fur is most likely faux, it’s still an absolute nasal nightmare to clean! For real! Like how in the freakin’ heck is anybody supposed to get the footwear funk out of those things.

Never fear, my funky friends, for it totes couldn’t be any easier to easily fix and deodorize stinky fur-lined boots, with any of these following options for you to try on out.


Table of Contents

    1. Dry Coffee Grounds Destroy Dank Smells

    2. Cloves Clock the Footwear Funk

    3. Cinnamon Sends the Bad Scents Packing

    4. Nutmeg Means No More Stank!

    5. Smell Extra Fabulous with LUMI’s Extra Strength Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Shoe Deodorizer


    1. Dry Coffee Grounds

    Coffee keeps those shoes smelling fresh!


    The first easy way to clean up fur-lined boots is simple coffee grounds! Ok yes, yes, I am certainly well aware that such a suggestion for a stinky solution to dank deodorization might not make a whole lot of sense to you, but trust me when I say that dry coffee grounds are actually really quite effective, and there’s even a wee lil’ bit of science to back me on up here.

    For you see, it actually absolutely is NOT just your poor funky feet that are to be blamed for stinking up your fur-lined boots. In this rank reality, it’s actually this bad-smelling bacteria that lives on your pungent peds. 

    Said stinky bacteria finds its food source for creating musty mayhem from the moisture found in your sweat and also the spare dead skin cells that naturally just kind of slough off of your feet. Everything combines to make your poor fur-lined boots stinky as heck, which positively sucks for everybody close by with functioning nose hairs.

    But thank goodness for dry coffee grounds, because this is where they come in and make musty mayhem a thing of the pungent past. Dry coffee grounds you see, have caffeine (*gasps in utter and complete shock), which in turn has nitrogen.

    Nitrogen is pretty rad for helping us out with our rank fur-lined boots because of a funny wee thing known simply as “adsorption.” No, that actually isn’t “absorption” (they’re like totally different things, ma’ dear, yet quite likely just a little bit rank reader). “Adsorption” is where gas (ie the smell from your shoes) and liquid (ie the moisture-laden sweat which is feeding the stink-producing bacteria are presently feeding off of) all stick to the source of the nitrogen in a thin film, and then you can promptly chuck it all into the bin. 

    So in order to learn how to deodorize fur-lined boots with coffee grounds, all you need, my pungent padawan, is a couple of tablespoons of dry coffee grounds. You can either spread it all out evenly on the floor of your boots OR if you’re just a lil’ bit concerned about the coffee grounds being hard to clean out of your fur-lined boots, then you can totally just put about the same amount into a sock, tie it off with a rubber band or something like that, and then stuff said sock into the stinky boots. For either route you opt to go for, make sure to leave the dry coffee grounds in there for at least overnight, but going for longer can help make your fur-lined boots smell better that much more quickly.

    2.  Cloves

    Kick stank's butt with cloves!


    Up next we’ve got cloves! Do you even know what the heck those are? I mean, like actually, if you aren’t some sort of whiz in the kitchen or basically just a baking deity, chances are you only know that cloves are some sort of random spice.

    They’re basically one of the spices that people put into the supes popular “pumpkin spice” scent mix. It’s that toasty warm, rich autumnesque scent that you get pummeled with every time you walk past a Starbucks or Bath and Bodyworks between late September and November (before the sharp scents of peppermint and gingerbread are hurled straight at our cowering olfactory pathways). You’ve probs guzzled some pumpkin spice latte that has cloves in it, or chowed down on a good ol’ fashioned slice of pumpkin pie, or perhaps some delicately decorated gingerbread cookies that all have cloves in ‘em.

    Um, yeah, cloves are essentially just some sort of spice, BUT they also just happen to be one of the multitudes of spices that can help us to quickly make your stinky fur-lined boots smell better! 

    Whole or powdered cloves will for sure work just fine for ya’ although I’d honestly just go for whichever already currently resides in the dusty back bit of your spice cabinet or pantry shelf. I mean, chances are that at some point or another one of the recipes you tried out called for like an 1/8th teaspoon of cloves, and now you have a whole (almost full) freakin’ container of the stuff just languishing there, so go with what you have!

    Just put your cloves (whole or powdered) right on into your shoes, or as with the dried coffee grounds you can for sure put the same amount of cloves into a secured sock or something and then put that into your (soon-to-not-be) funky footwear. Leave the cloves in there for at least overnight, although leaving them to hang in there for just a lil’ bit longer probs wouldn’t hurt your stinky fur-lined boots any– just make sure not to forget that they’re in there.

    3. Nutmeg

    No more nasal disaster with nutmeg!


    Have you, by chance, heard of nutmeg? It’s just about as common as cloves– like, for realzies, I have yet to see any sort of recipe that calls for one but not the other. To be frank with all y’all, most of said recipes only ever call for literally just 1/8th of a teaspoon where you literally could just sneeze and then BOOM it’s all gone. Needless to say, I’m sure, all of my containers of nutmeg (and cloves, if we’re being honest) are pretty much full.

    Well, they were for a bit, but now ever since learning how multi-purpose such spices can be, their stores have certainly deflated somewhat. Nutmeg (like its spicy friend cloves) can easily and successfully deodorize all manner of stinky shoes, thanks to being a lil’ extra whiffy itself.

    Same deal as with cloves (you’re basically a pro at this point, I’m quite sure of it)-- either the whole or powdered version of this delectable spice will do ya’ although if you already happen to have one or the other presently residing in your dusty spice cupboard or the kitchen pantry then honestly that’s what I’d just end up going for.

    Dust or place a few tablespoons of nutmeg straight on into your stinky fur-lined boots in order to start deodorizing them, or you could also totally place the same amount in a tied-off sock and then stuff that right on into the pungent peds (because ya’ know that the easier cleanup is where it’s at, ma’ dear yet rank reader). Regardless of which option you’re going to decide on, you for sure ought to leave the nutmeg in your smelly shoes for at least overnight or longer– seriously, the longer the better, and I promise– nay, I pinkie-promise you that your fur-lined boots won’t mind it all that much, if at all.

    4. Cinnamon

    See the stinky finish line with cinnamon!


    Are you tired of fabulous-smelling spices just yet? No, you’re not, and if you are, well then, I suppose you’re just mistaken– perhaps the funky footwear fumes have gone straight to your head, because amazing spices are some of the best ways to quickly and successfully deodorize your stinky fur-lined boots.

    And it’s time for us to talk about cinnamon! I mean, who doesn’t love this stuff? I mean sure, if you’re deathly allergic to it, then perhaps I’ll grant you a pass (and that’s a *very* iffy perhaps), but come on! Cinnamon is totally and without any kind of sane sort of doubt one of the very best smells out there.

    Also, aren’t you totes tired of that dang rotten cheese smell that’s presently wafting up from your (frankly rank) fur-lined boots? I know, and can probs say that plenty of people who have functioning schnozzes in your vicinity (or a ten-mile radius) are also utterly fed up with said stank as well!

    So put your foot down (and into some fresher-smelling boots) when you use cinnamon to deodorize your smelly fur-lined boots ASAP! I mean it! Go on, get up off of your butt and get yourself just a couple of tablespoons of cinnamon (precisely like the other options, either the whole stick(s) or powdered versions will absolutely work just fine for you– ya’ only need one, however, and if I were you I’d for sure just go for what’s already hanging out in the kitchen pantry or spice cabinet). Either option will work for ya’ although if you go for the powdered option (or even with the sticks of cinnamon) you may or may not choose to place the same amount of cinnamon into a sock that you can tie off for an easier cleanup for future you (making things easier for future us is always a win, am I right?); you’d then stuff said spice-stuffed sock into the stinky shoe, btw. Leave the cinnamon in there for at least overnight, or longer should you not have an immediate and/or pressing need for your fabulous (and hopefully no longer) funky footwear.

    5. LUMI’s Extra Strength Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Shoe Deodorizer


    LUMI’s Extra Strength Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Shoe Deodorizer is… not a spice!? Yep that’s right, and that’s absolutely fine! LUMI is a simple shoe spray, but it sure does get the job done, and it does it with an extra fabulous and utterly spectacular variety of style. Most of all, however, LUMI’s Extra Strength Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Shoe Deodorizer is easy and effective!

    Now, don’t you go on worrying about just taking my word for it (although why you wouldn’t implicitly trust me after all of this, I certainly don’t know!)-- just take a look at any of the literally perfect 5-star ratings on Amazon, of which there are over eight freakin’ hundred, averaging out to a solid overall 4.4 star rating!

    Amazon reviewer Dani here says that it saved her fur-lined boots and NOT at the expense of the fur lining!:



    LUMI is a rather fabulous all-natural, family-owned, cruelty-free, and American-based (and entirely produced!) footwear deodorizer (*cues all of the choirs and glitter cannons because YES, LUMI is actually that fabulous) which literally requires that you just (now I know this must come as something of a shock to all of y’all) spray it directly right on into your shoes, and then… that’s it! There’s nothing else that you’ve got to do in order to use LUMI in deodorizing your stinky fur-lined boots. Badda-bing-badda-boom, and you’re good to proceed! Go forth, ma’ dear reader, and rock those fur-lined boots with confidence– not funk! 

    But let’s just make sure to summarize everything we’ve just chit-chatted about, because I know that it was an absolute butt-ton, and between well… all of us, I suppose, I happen to possess the memory of half a goldfish, so I know that as for me, myself, and I, summaries are an actual and most genuine LIFE-SAVER!

    Dry coffee grounds are the first on our list of easy ways to fix stinky fur-lined boots quickly, and they’re actually pretty rad. You see, there’s nitrogen to be found from the caffeine in the dry coffee grounds, and that nitrogen has the ability to perform a fun little trick that can take on the footwear funk. That’s right, ma’ dear yet funky friends, it’s time to chat about adsorption! ADsorption (as opposed to the more widely known ABsorption) is basically just where liquid or gas sticks to the adsorber in a thin little film, and then you can remove said adsorber, along with its recently attached film. This is all fine and great for those of us that would like to deodorize our poor pungent fur-lined boots, given as how the dreaded stank (a (rather noxious) gas) and the sweat (whose moisture feeds the funky bacteria) will totes stick to the coffee grounds, and then we can just chuck those on out. For realzies, all you need is a couple of tablespoons of dried coffee grounds and then you can go on and spread ‘em out on the insides of your smelly shoes (or, if you’re just a bit worried about cleanup, then you can for sure just place about the same amount of dried coffee grounds in a sock that you’ve made sure to tie off, and then stick that sock right on into the stinky shoes in question). Either way totally works fine, but you’ll just want to make sure to leave the dried coffee grounds hanging out inside of the smelly fur-lined boots for at least overnight, although if you’ve got the time, leaving them in there for longer will make for even better-smelling shoes. 

    Cloves are up next on our list of extra fabulous strategies that will totes help all y’all to annihilate the stank in your fur-lined boots for good this time around. Cloves are literally just one of the many lovely and most utterly fabulous lesser-known spices that make up the much-loved and lauded pumpkin spice mix (which, as I’m sure plenty of all y’all are already quite well aware,  is basically just the odor that signifies you’re within a 10-mile radius of any Starbucks during autumn).  You can absolutely feel free to use either whole or powdered for this here option, although I would for sure recommend just using whatever is already hanging out inside of your spice cabinet or kitchen pantry (smelling great is… well, great, of course, although I’m sure we all know and feel that smelling great and being able to do so cheaply is even greater!). Simply place a couple of tablespoons of whole or powdered cloves right on into your funky fur-lined boots, spreading everything out evenly across the material where your feet usually go (that’s where it will likely be the most stinky, and thus in most need of cloves’ super amazing and most fabulous destankifying powers). If you’re worried about cleaning all of the cloves out of your shoes afterward, you should totally just opt to place basically the same amount of cloves inside of a sock, tie that all off, and then stuff that sock inside of the smelly shoe in question. Either way that you decide to get the cloves inside of your pungent peds, make sure to leave everything be for at least overnight, but letting the cloves stay for longer, like with the dry coffee grounds, will certainly pack a more pungent punch. 

    Nutmeg is up next, and truth be told, I am actually rather stoked about this method for fixing those rank fur-lined of yours– nuts, if you will, about this lovely spice. Seriously! I mean cloves are great and all, and even coffee drags up memories of the library and the local bookstore, but nutmeg! For real, nutmeg just so happens to flavor basically a gazillion types of autumn-themed lattes, donuts, cookies, etc. etc (pumpkin spice for life, am I right?). This stuff is just kind of magical– and it's also going to be a solid solution to your stinky, mephitic malady. You can totes easily use nutmeg to deodorize your stinky fur-lined boots as well (I KNOW! On top of being a primary flavoring ingredient for all kinds of amazingly fabulous confections and drinks): simply get yourself a couple of tablespoons of either powdered or whole nutmeg (either or will for sure work just fine– just go with whichever is already chilling in your kitchen– no need to bust the bank in order to bust the footwear funk, am I right?). Dust those couple of tablespoons straight on into your smelly fur-lined boots, OR use a tied-off sock that’s been stuffed with about the same amount of nutmeg (give or take) if you’d like to ensure an easier cleanup for future you (and we’re all about that, for sure). No matter which option you opt for, make sure that you leave the nutmeg to hang out for as long as possible inside of your funky fur-lined boots because I mean, come on– which scent would you rather have emanating from your peds? Old sweaty foot cheese which quite possibly may or may not be radioactive (the jury is still out on that one) OR the beautiful, dare I say magical autumnesque scent that is nutmeg!? That last bit isn’t exactly a question btw. You want the nutmeg– forget the footwear funk and use nutmeg to easily deodorize those stinky shoes of yours!

    Cinnamon is the last spice on our list of easy stinky shoe deodorization hacks, I promise you– even though, you’ve got to admit, that they’re all pretty solid scents, and I’m telling you that they all can totes help to put a dent in the musty dank of your stinky fur-lined boots. It’s the same deal as all of the other spices– pretty simple, alright? Let’s see if ya’ remember: several tablespoons, whole or powdered, sock it up if you don’t want to clean it up, and then leave it in overnight or longer!

    LUMI’s Extra Strength Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Shoe Deodorizer is the last one on the list, but it’s totes one of the best strategies to fix your funky footwear! Spritz it on in your smelly fur-lined boots and you’re done! That’s literally it!

    With any of these options your funky footwear will be a problem no more! Deodorize your stinky fur-lined boots with ease and successfully!

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